Trash Talk: From Litter to Illegal Dumping

Broken trash bag on a busy city street

From litter to illegal dumping, solid waste management is a big and complex issue impacting community health, environmental sustainability, and city budgets. Dilapidated buildings, littered streets, and neglected public spaces affect a city’s aesthetics and profoundly impact its residents’ quality of life. Researchers at the University of Toronto found that “perceived beauty or aesthetic character […]

High-Profile Political Meetings and City Clean-Up Initiatives

Community park cleanup leading up to high profile political meetings

High-profile events often seem to catalyze city-wide cleanup efforts to reduce blight, beautify urban decay, and remove illegal dumping. There is a lot of research on mega-events such as the Olympics and other sports events. However, sports events are not the only catalysts that bring attention to urban decay and blight: high-profile political meetings and […]