Blight Survey: What Is It & How To Do One

A blight survey is the process of inventorying municipal housing stock to understand what percentage or number of residential and commercial structures are in a state of disrepair or decay. Because there is no single, universal definition of ‘blight’ and no single, universal method of surveying, the results of blight surveys vary across city lines. […]

2024 Guide to Code Enforcement Conferences

Happy code enforcement conference season! February kicks off a number of code enforcement conferences and industry expos around the country. Trade shows and industry or professional conferences are great opportunities to connect, learn, and adapt to the ever-changing environment of code enforcement. Every year, there are new technological advancements, new regulations, new research on human […]

Revitalizing Cities Through Grassroots Initiatives

Volunteers cleaning up a park

In previous posts, we’ve talked about external drivers for urban redevelopment. (Check out how high-profile political meetings and mega-sporting events can accelerate change.) External forces may accelerate and highlight urban redevelopment initiatives. Still, the remarkable impact of initiatives like Refuse Refuse and other community-driven efforts are making a significant difference in city clean-up events and […]

Prep Together: 10 Community Engagement Activities

Adults talking at a community fair

September is a busy time… back to school, Labor Day celebrations, and National Preparedness Month. National Preparedness Month is a month-long national campaign organized and sponsored by FEMA.