Trash Talk: From Litter to Illegal Dumping

Broken trash bag on a busy city street

From litter to illegal dumping, solid waste management is a big and complex issue impacting community health, environmental sustainability, and city budgets. Dilapidated buildings, littered streets, and neglected public spaces affect a city’s aesthetics and profoundly impact its residents’ quality of life. Researchers at the University of Toronto found that “perceived beauty or aesthetic character […]

Mega Events and Urban Transformation

Mega sporting events decorative feature image showing an AI generated scene of stadiums with a backdrop of an urban skyline and foreground of construction vehicles

As we approach major sporting events like the 2024 NCAA college football championship in Houston and Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas, urban transformation initiatives and preparation for these events have come into focus. “There is perhaps no larger sports policy decision than the decision to host or bid to host a mega-event like the […]