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Leveraging AI for smarter urban planning and community development.

Our Technology

At the heart of City Detect is an advanced AI platform that analyzes images of city properties, identifying and mapping issues such as blight, damage, and decay. Our technology transforms data into actionable insights, enabling local governments and nonprofits to target resources where they are most needed.

Blight Detection & Mapping


We provide detailed, up-to-date reports on the condition of properties in your area. Our AI can identify and map blight quickly and accurately, allowing you to tackle problem areas effectively.

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Data Analytics for Urban Planning


Utilize our data analytics for smarter urban planning. Our reports can guide decision-making and strategic planning, helping to create safer, more attractive neighborhoods.

Consulting Services


Our team of experts is available to help you understand and utilize our data. We can work with you to develop targeted strategies for community improvement.

Our Impact

City Detect has already made a difference in several cities across the Southeast. We’ve worked with organizations like Habitat for Humanity and the Protective Life Foundation to guide their efforts and maximize their impact.

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